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My love of painting began at an early age and has blossomed into a beautiful career. From my childhood bedroom to university, and now in my studio in an old mill based on the outskirts of Bath. I continue to try and capture the beauty of flowers in serene and stunning depictions.

I don't know where a painting will go when I first start it. I used to worry about it and be stressed that I wasn't more organised or prepared, now I let them happen, some find their way quickly and with ease, some challenge and frustrate me. I change direction with them often but I rarely give up on them. The marks that I make and discard are still visible and never truly disappear. They are a journey, often with unexpected results. there would be less depth to them if I planned them, less feeling. The paintings I struggle with are often my best, they show some frustration and determination. I consciously leave bits that upset or challenge me so they aren't too pretty or perfect. Life isn't perfect and sometimes it isn't pretty but that is what makes us all unique and beautiful in our own right.

I have always been captivated by the power of symbolism and its ability to convey emotion and meaning. By incorporating flowers meanings into my paintings, I hope it gives them a deeper, more meaningful layer.

Here are some examples of what flowers can represent.

Daisies - New beginnings, fresh starts, sunshine, renwel and positive perspectives

Dandelions - Youthful thoughts, health, perseverance and determination

Thistles - Protection, bravery, devotion and strength

Alliums - Good fortune, unity, success and grace

Cowslip - a flower precious to fairies and is used to find their hidden treasure, it also represents adventure and mischief

Buttercups - Humility, childishness, joy, new beginnings, general happiness and friendship

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