Commission a painting that means something to you

Work with me to create a painting that captures your moment of peace, immortalising it in time, so you can bring it's life into your home.

Add layers of personal meaning with symbolic additions. Flowers with special meanings. Mark making with different tools. All these things can add an extra layer of emotion and beauty that's unique and special to you or your recipient. Let me help you find the perfect flowers to represent what matters.

You could commission a unique painting as a gift for someone special. Whether it is for a wedding, birthday or just to show you care at a difficult time, work with me to create the perfect painting that will make them feel truly appreciated.

JOYFUL - honeysuckle daisy sunflower DETERMINED - thistle thyme lavender INSPIRATION - wheat poppies marigolds

I would love to know the following - Add your answers to the comment box below

Colours - what are your favourite colours?

Flowers - what flowers do you like?

Size - What is the unframed size you are looking for?

Medium - Would you like the painting on a canvas or painted on paper and framed

Location - Where will the painting live?

Emotional message - Is the a particular message you would like the painting to have?

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The boring stuff

Commission paintings are priced on the size of the painting, and subject to a 10% extra charge than standard paintings. a final price will be confirmed in advance

50% is payable in advance

A initial consultation, and two revisions are included in the price, any further revisions will incur a service fee

The price of the commission painting does not include shipping or framing

Times many vary for commissions to be completed but please allow at least a month

A signed agreement is required before the artwork will be started

HOWEVER I am hear to help and if you need something quicker or you have any other requests please talk to me, I like a challenge and I will try and find a solution