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Kind Words from Clients

  • It’s is so beautiful and even better than I expected, in real life, thank you so so much

    - Amber
  • We’re so delighted with the painting we commissioned from you.  The beautiful colours and flower structures have brought this area of our living space to life and created a wonderful focal point for all to enjoy.  It’s great to have such a unique piece of art in our own home

    - thank you! Shula
  • We’re so pleased with our art from Emma.  It’s unique, bold and has transformed our dining area wall in to a conversation point

    - Lucinda
  • Thank you Emma, your work is so fantastic and I feel very lucky to now have one or your paintings up in my home.

    - Amber

finding a gap for you

My artwork provides a haven of tranquility in the midst of our bustling world, I am inviting you to pause and reflect. I utilise my imagination to paint intricate floral landscapes, free from the constraints of reality. My acrylic and mixed media artwork is imbued with a harmonious blend of gentle and vibrant colours that evoke a spectrum of emotions, from serenity to joy. Through the use of spray paint and pens and a keen attention to composition, I craft each piece with meticulous care, artfully balancing different elements to create depth and movement in my art. By incorporating negative spaces and fragments from previous interactions, I create a sense of history, underscoring the evolution and journey that each piece has undertaken.

My "gap in the field" collection is a series of paintings designed to take you to a peaceful spot, prompting you to embrace the beauty around you and take a moment to find inner harmony

With love and sunshine

♡ Emma

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My commitment to the environment

I am committed to making sure my packaging and wrapping is as eco-friendly as possible. I source my materials responsibly and never use plastic tape (sellotape is banned!) . My ribbon is also environmentally friendly and my presentation bags are either biodegradable or recyclable.

Occasionally you may find single use plastics or bubble wrap in my packaging, but I can assure you that they have been reused and I would ask that you do the same!